Peace N Freedom 
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Welcome to Peace N!

We represent those who are oppressed, exploited, abused and whose voices are not heard within a competitive, capitalistic system that values financial profit over LIFE itself.

Motivated by Love and the betterment of our world for countless generations into the future, we are here to encourage, educate, and inspire people to move beyond ego into a state of compassion.

Today is only here for a moment. All of our moments make up a lifetime. Do what is right while living from the heart, the core. Intution is energy reception and translation.

When people come out of the programmed mindset of capitalistic competition, they learn to see value in every human, and all life.

We cannot live peacefully in a world where governments separate human beings into classes based on financial accumulations. Nature must be respected and Earth honored once again.

 Peace N Freedom through Awareness

Becoming aware and mindful of our habits, of our thoughts and of what is truly happening around us takes practice, yet is an essential key to growth!

Through awareness of the intentions of others and of our own intentions we begin to see clearly. This perspective puts us into a position of deep intuition and inner knowing.

During our present time in human history there is more knowledge abounding than ever before . . . yet there is also more confusion and deception. With only a low level of conscious awareness many people are going about their lives without any real direction.

This website addresses both inner and outer issues and what can be done to create more joy for ourselves, and all Life on the planet. I invite you to join with me in walking with awareness, building more peace and more freedom with every step we take.

Advocacy & Activism

Looking around at all that has happened and what is currently happening in our world gives place to a very important question.

"What can I do about it?"

Those who are living an ego-centered lifestyle are not likely to ever ask this question. Instead they think their blind allegiance to federal and state "authority" via laws and taxes is enough.

Armed with conviction, authenticity and true knowledge, there are activities and little things that compassionate people CAN do to help in a variety of ways!

What is Vegan?

Activism Gear

"Peace in ourselves, peace in the world."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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"At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love." - Martin Luther King Jr.