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Peace N Freedom are woven together in such a way that either is challenging to find without the other.

Freedom is peace, and likewise, peace is freedom.

True and lasting peace for Humanity can only be obtained when oppression has ceased and respect afforded to all Life on Earth.

Throughout history there have always been small groups of people oppressing large groups of people.

Elite families, greedy industrialists, and banking bloodlines have encouraged ignorance among the masses for their own purposes. 

Fueled by hatred, prejudice, sexism, sheer lust for worldly power and perhaps something even more sinister; they continue to hold the reins of finance and political power today. 

To learn from our past, this fact must be acknowledged.

Peace N Freedom by Design is an intelligent and compassionate community encouraging complete authenticity, true justice for all, and the implementation of a CIVIL-ization based on what is in the best interest of humanity, the planet, and diversity of animal life.

In addition, Peace N Freedom is an original cause and activism design e-business. We support those who believe one person convicted can make a real difference for the Greater Good!

Every person on the planet is equipped with talents and gifts to contribute. Everyone is important. All of us have purpose. No one alive is an "accident" and the meaning attributed to language such as that is a major part of the problem for people.

Words are containers of power, either spoken withe positive or negative intent. Self-Education will be in full force! We will unravel the "almighty" military-industrial-complex here and see what's really underneath.

Weapons Formed Against Us
(Shall Not Prosper)

The blatant lies and system of deception that have wreaked havoc on planet Earth has continued unchallenged for far too long.

Each time we the people come closer to uncovering these truths, the stronger the forces of worldly corruption come against us.

And you can be sure that there is plenty of controlled opposition. The missing piece of this grand puzzle is what all of the political pundits and controlled opposition groups like this "Anonymous" dare not mention . . . Spiritual Warfare.

  • They don't talk about the Deep Underground Military Bases or demons posing as aliens that have been in communication with every ancient civilization that ever existed on Earth.
  • They won't talk about the blood sacrifices, the ritual murders or that keeping the masses in check with fear and intimidation tactics is working well for their masters.
  • They refuse to allow Christian testimony on any controlled mass media outlet. If the name of Jesus Christ or Christ is mentioned, there is mocking and ridicule because this world's financial system is the Babylon of Revelation. (And it will fall, while Wall Street weeps!)

People have been conditioned for so long, and kept distracted so effectively, that only a small percentage of researchers and lovers of truth dig into these details (most of which aren't even hidden anymore).

A great majority are simply pacified with TV programming and alcohol, having no idea what's about to happen because the war against God and Christ has worked so well that people don't believe in satan either.

Anyone who brings these topics up are shunned and called crazy. What a time to be alive!

If they don't know there is an invisible (mostly hidden) war going on and a real enemy working to destroy them and all of creation, then they don't care nor prepare.

Kudos to those who face ostracism daily by those who prefer to live in the dark. For we know that ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is ignorance. And in the age of information, it is a choice to remain ignorant.

Peace N Freedom in Christ Jesus
(the Relationship, not religion)

Although these are perilous times we are living in and the changes that go on around us can be disheartening, we have the hope that Christ is indeed the victor.

For those who maintain a faith in that which cannot be seen, inner strength continues to grow. We are loved more than we can fathom and we have the PEACE that passes all comprehension.

The same elite groups which are the profiteers of Humanity's suffering are also they who created the idea of "religion" to usurp the simple truth of God's LOVE.

Much to the disbelief of those religiously indoctrinated, I share the conclusion with my esteemed colleagues that the "god" of the Old Testament in specific places - because mixing truth with deception causes the greatest confusion - was Satan/Lucifer.

Ba'al worship (blood sacrifice of animals and children) was indeed the official religion of the Israelites as historically documented.

The concept of a blood sacrifice is satanic to the core.

Once the Catholics/Vatican began working with the Jews (they who say they are Jews, but are not for they are the synagogue of satan), religion became a tool of control. Then they used this "religion" as an excuse for genocide and mass murder all throughout the era of the Crusades, up until today.

In modern days it is still used to control the masses and it is also "big business" for them!

Do not equate "religion" with a real relationship with a Higher Power, the Divine. Do not make the mistake of buying into the lies told by these modern-day wolves in sheep's clothing. Discernment is given to each of us to comprehend who can be trusted.

(Hint: Be wary to trust anyone who benefits financially from you doing what they tell you. It is also unwise to trust every word in the Bible for it has been tampered with for malicious purposes and evil intent.)

Intuition and gut feelings are no accident.

Did you ever get the feeling that the New Testament and Jesus' teachings were incongruent with the Old Testament? When reading specific parts of the Bible have you ever felt an inner nudging telling you something is off?

What about reading one thing that is completely contradicted somewhere else in the same "Holy" book?

One Nation Under God?

Very important information about what is happening now and why!

"Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity, and love are the dynamics of freedom. They are the foundations of authentic power."

~ Gary Zukav

This web site prepares those whose intuition and knowledge has brought them to the conclusion that they have indeed been lied to. In the spirit of Love, it also serves as a hub for a great deal of information, solutions, and resources which aid the Spiritual, Sensitive & Thinking Human.

Peace N Freedom by Design is ultimately about creating peace and freedom in your own life and the world we live in.

Designing peace and freedom begins with you. ♥

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"Peace in ourselves, peace in the world."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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